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As many people have become conscious of natural alternatives of wellness in recent years, it is not surprising that CBD is soaring astronomically in the manner it does ─ never seen before of any supplement. Despite the tremendous waves CBD makes, the industry is somewhat marred by controversy. The market is mostly unregulated, and this poses a challenge for consumers in identifying a standard product. Now let us take you through a brand we feel you should try out. Cannuka CBD.

Who Are Cannuka CBD?

Cannuka is a CBD company that makes CBD products with pure, natural, and essential beneficial ingredients. Their mission is clear ─ legitimise the cannabis industry, create a more healthy and cleaner environment, and ultimately create new opportunities for the hemp farmers and all players in the industry.

Full Review

Cannuka is an American based CBD firm that was started by Michael Bumgarner, who grew up in a hemp farm in the countryside Ohio. Unlike most CBD company, Cannuka specialises and focuses only on skincare. Michael’s wife is a certified dermatology physician assistant (PA-C). Leveraging his farming experience and that of his wife as a dermatologist, Cannaka CBD was born.

Cannuka skincare products are made not just with CBD but also with honey, an ingredient responsible for refreshing skin to keep it young-looking. The Manuka honey used in Cannuka product is native to New Zealand and Australia and contains a molecule that distinguishes it from other honey forms. Manuka honey is part of the tea tree family, contains amino acids, and is a humectant (ability to absorb moisture from the atmosphere to the skin to keep it glowing). The combination of CBD and Manuka oil is the result of experimentation by the research and development team. 

Apart from the hemp being sustainably sourced and thoughtfully harvested, there is no other information on the website describing its hemp. Cannuka also claims that their hemp farm has produced high-quality hemp since 2014. There is no evidence or report of independent third-party verification of products, although they state that PETA certifies their products as cruelty-free beauty products.

We have every reason to believe that these products are quality products judging from the background and expertise of the owners, and also from the positive reviews written by customers.

Cannuka CBD Quick Rundown


  • They produce a wide range of product selection, which is advantageous for users. 
  • There are countless positive reviews on their website, which indicate high product standards.
  • They offer free shipping in the US.


  • The products are fairly expensive.
  • There is no information about their hemp source. 
  • Their website says nothing about their hemp extraction techniques. 
  • Absence of product third-party lab testing.

Cannuka CBD Product Review

Unlike most CBD companies, Cannuka focuses on skincare production. The products available are purifying gel balm cleanser, harmonising face cream, moisturising skin balm, calming eye balm, nourishing body cream, cleansing body bar, hydrating lipid balm, and after sun care. PETA certifies all products as cruelty-free as they are never tested on animals.

Purifying gel balm cleanser: This is made with a fantastic mixture of natural ingredients, pure CBD isolates, and specially sourced Manuka honey. As the name suggests, the gel removes impurities from the face and gives a younthful glow by infusing moisture. This gel balm rejuvenates and soothes the skin making it supple. Cannuka gel balm cleanser quickly cleanses all makeup and refreshes the face due to its grapefruit and sea buckthorn content. Price: $34.00.

Harmonising face cream: By infusing pure CBD and Manuka oil into other natural ingredients, Cannuka manufactures its face cream. It soothes, calms, and moisturises dry skin and restores it to the normal state.

The face cream is a fantastic combination of nature with science. With an excellent blend of CBD, Manuka honey, cucumber extract, and hyaluronic acid, Cannuka cream reduces wrinkling and fine lines appearance, leaving your skin glowing. It is sold for $58.00.

Moisturising skin balm: These are made for all skin types. The concentrated skin balms soothe the skin with healthy hydration. The potent ingredients used help to calm and restore dehydrated skin. Like all Cannuka products, the effectiveness of this balm results from robust Manuka honey combined with CBD and other vital ingredients such as rosehip oil and orange peel butter.

Calming eye balm: It naturally moisturises, refreshes, and protects your delicate under-eye skin while also providing calming comfort for the eyes.

Nourishing body cream: This is a smooth cream, which relieves and hydrates the skin for many hours. It provides year-round beautiful and healthy-looking skin, and is even appropriate for sunburns.  

Cleansing body bar: This is made to give an alluring bathing experience. The CBD body bar’s rich lather overwhelmingly refreshes and cleans the body.

Hydrating lip balm: This is the cheapest product available ($9) but is just as active as other Cannuka products. Cannuka lip balm is undoubtedly good for every cracked lip. It protects the lips from external aggressors (such as the sun and dry weather). This lightly scented and rich Manuka honey lip balm is your go-to skincare for lip repair treatment.

After-sun care: This is made with a robust combination of quality hemp extract and Manuka honey. It calms and relieves the redness appearance that follows sunburn. The grapefruit extract gives this product its refreshing natural fragrance. 

Where Can You Buy Cannuka CBD Products?

Cannuka understands that for an excellent product to fulfill its potential, it must be widely available and accessible. They have therefore made sure that the products can be found in several retail stores throughout the US. Alternatively, you can buy online directly from their website.

Final Thought and Score

The CBD market is still a bit unregulated despite the recent efforts of regulating bodies in the UK. As a result, most CBD companies prove their quality in the industry by providing information regarding their hemp source and publishing third-party independent lab results of products on their website. Cannuka did not adhere to these as nothing about their hemp source, and product lab test is seen on their site. Although the customers’ positive reviews point to the product quality, they need to provide further information to make their production processes transparent and build more customers’ trust.


Score: 7/10

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