Charlottesweb Vs. Love-Hemp CBD

Charlottes Web
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Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the numerous chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, is the latest buzzword in natural supplements. It has recorded an unprecedented acceptance and adulation. Unlike its counterpart THC, CBD has no psychoactive effect and is well liked as a wellness-support compound. It is widely regarded as a miraculous compound by many for its several reported health benefits. 

With more social media influencers promoting and supporting CBD, it has become an obsession for many. To get the many benefits attributed to CBD, you must “truly” ingest or use CBD. And this is a challenge as some players in the market seem to be more preoccupied with making profits than providing quality CBD. Choosing the right brand is, therefore, an essential step to consuming CBD supplements. Here are two brands you must consider.


Charlottesweb was founded in 2011 by Stanley Brothers who believe in the attainability of wellbeing from plants, by all individuals. The company is based in Colorado, US. With strict adherence to standard and the use of FDA-registered facility, they create CBD products which are easily distinguished from the rest. 

Charlottesweb started as a mission fuelled by Charlotte Figi’s battle with Dravet syndrome; this mission eventually inspired the creation of the CBD company. Charlottesweb is not your conventional CBD company as it was born out of the desire to better lives and the planet as a whole. They maximise the content of hemp plants by harnessing the potent phytochemicals in hemp to make great CBD products. Thus, they lead in the industry with their high quality, safe, and consistent CBD products. 

Love Hemp CBD

Love Hemp CBD was established by two London entrepreneurs, Tony Calamita and Thomas Rowland, in 2015. It is one of the fastest-growing UK CBD brands and was founded to close what they regarded as “a gap in quality” in the CBD sector. Therefore, this brand was premised on the drive for quality. 

It aims from its inception to lead in the UK and the EU in creating the most innovative and trusted brand of CBD products. Their products are wholly THC-free and, therefore, non-psychoactive. It is also suitable for everyone, especially athletes who may want to enjoy CBD but fear testing positive for THC.

Product Overview

Charlottesweb and Love Hemp are focused on giving CBD users various options to explore this excellent compound. They currently offer a range of full-spectrum CBD oils, topical CBD lotions, CBD vape oils, and even CBD edibles. 

Charlottesweb Products

CBD Oils: These are full-spectrum formulas of different strengths and flavours ─ orange blossom, mint chocolate, olive oil, and lemon twist. The flagship oil is a 30ml bottle of 50mg of CBD per serving. Others include 30ml bottles of 7, 17, and 60mg CBD per serving, starting at $24.99. 

CBD Gummies: Their gummies are made in three options: sleep, recovery, or calm. They are made from full-spectrum extract and ingredients like ginger, turmeric, and melatonin to support you throughout the whole day. A container of the gummy can be a 30 or 60 count pack with varying degrees of CBD per gummy. The price starts at $29.99. 

CBD Capsules: These are full-spectrum and Kosher certified capsules made for the consumption pleasure of CBD enthusiasts. A bottle has 30 capsules and may contain either 15mg or 25mg of CBD. The starting price is $39.99. 

CBD Topicals: CBD infused cream, balm, roll-on, spray, pain relief ointment, cooling gel, and facial cleanser are all topicals made by Charlottesweb. They are infused with different mg of CBD and used to revitalise and rejuvenate the skin. Their starting price is $14.99. 

Other Products: They have additional offers of CBD crystals, CBD for pets (especially dogs) and bulk CBD. With bulk CBD, customers get more CBD at discount prices, therefore better value for money. 

Love Hemp Products

CBD Oil:  Love Hemp CBD oils are produced in a range of strengths and flavours. A 10ml bottle of oil may contain 300mg, 1000mg, or 4000mg CBD, approximately 3, 10, or 40% of CBD per 10ml bottle. They have either peppermint or orange taste and start at £19.99.

CBD Chocolate: These are gluten-free and vegan-friendly smooth chocolate balls infused with CBD. They also contain lavish amounts of other natural cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. They are sold in two sachets of 20 mg and 100mg CBD at £3.99 and £11.99. 

CBD Water: This is a 500ml bottle of natural spring water CBD. Drinking this helps you quench your thirst and, at the same time, gives you a reasonable amount of daily CBD dosing. 

CBD Oil Spray: Each 30ml bottle of Love Hemp CBD oil spray has either 400mg or 1200mg of CBD and sold at £29.99 and £59.99. They are available in natural, peppermint, orange, and lemon flavour.

Cannabigerol (CBG) Oil: With the recent interest in CBG, Love Hemp have created innovative CBG oil. A 10ml bottle of Love Hemp CBG oil is sold at £49.99, contains 500mg (5%) CBG, and is made from pure CBG isolate. 

CBD Capsules: Love Hemp immune capsule is a 100% THC, gluten-free, and vegan friendly capsule fortified with essential vitamins (vitamins C and D) to assist your immune system. 

Other Products: Love Hemp offers many other products such as e-liquids, cellulose fibre mask, liquid terpenes, crystals, straws, and salves.

Hallmarks of Charlottesweb Vs. Love Hemp CBD

These companies follow stringent and ethical practices from harvesting of hemp to the final processing. They apply Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practices, which ensure that they supply only the best quality products to users. Below are some features of these brands:

CBD Source

Charlottesweb makes CBD products from non-GMO hemp grown exclusively in the US with sustainable farming practices. They also support organisations that assess regenerative agriculture in America.

Love Hemp extracts CBD from EU approved organic hemp cultivated in Colorado. Organically grown Colorado hemp has a higher promise for better CBD extraction as it is developed exclusively for this purpose.

CBD Extraction

Charlottesweb uses supercritical Co2, a hugely efficient extraction technique, or IPA extraction techniques to make its CBD product. It sometimes uses a mixture of both. However, the original formula CBD oil uses only IPA extraction. 

On the other hand, Love Hemp extracts CBD from hemp using the robust supercritical Co2 process in the US before transporting it to the UK, where it is eventually crafted to different CBD forms.   

CBD Quality

Charlottesweb uses hemp grown with the best known growing standard, and extracts CBD from the best parts of the plant ─ flowers and stems. They grow in tested and certified soil free of heavy metals and other contaminants, with natural and sustainable growing practices. On the other hand, Love Hemp CBD products are made following Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Third-party Testing

Charlottesweb and Love Hemp CBD products are thoroughly tested by independent and third-party labs to ensure that the advertised product content corresponds with the actual content. Third-party testing makes it inevitable for producers to adhere to the appropriate specification in CBD manufacturing. It shows the cannabinoids, heavy metals, pesticides, solvent, and THC content of products. It also helps to inform the customers about the safety of products. Thus it is evidence of the quality of products. 

Compliance to Regulations

In line with the guidelines of the FSA, these manufacturers make CBD products that are THC-free. Although the market is a bit unregulated, these brands lead by example by operating in a well-regulated manner.

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