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The rapid CBD brand proliferation we have witnessed is not unusual. It is a result of the current CBD adulation, popularity, and marketability. However, the availability of thousands of brands makes it more challenging to select a product, and even more challenging for new CBD fans. Let us take you through the Elixinol CBD brand to help you choose if it’s right for you. 

Who Are Elixinol CBD?

Elixinol CBD is a branch of Elixinol Global Limited, a Colorado-based CBD company focused on manufacturing top-grade CBD products for global consumption and uses. It was founded in 2017 and is ultimately driven by quality and consumer transparency, and not just the wellness fad that has encapsulated the industry. 

Full Elixinol Review

Elixinol was founded by Paul Benhaim, who has dedicated almost twenty-five years to hemp research. He also has a globally spread footing in hemp cultivation and production. Thus he launched Elixinol to provide quality and innovative CBD products backed by extensive cannabis research. Elixinol is reportedly the only producer of USDA organically certified CBD oral tincture in the USA. 

For every Elixinol CBD product, many professionals have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that you have the highest quality product. The team is an incredible collection of research scientists, medical doctors, and veterinarians who are well-grounded in CBD research. They source hemp from proprietary farms in the USA, and Europe. 

Colorado has made a name for itself as the home of top-notch hemp. Some people believe that the US cultivated hemp is the best, and for others, it is European grown hemp. However, it is generally understood the American and European grown hemp under certified conditions are the highest level of CBD production. So whichever category you belong to, you are covered by Elixinol.  

Elixinol tests their products vigorously for purify and quality assurance before sending out for third-party lab testing. They carry out their CBD extraction with the supercritical CO2 extraction method, widely adjudged as the best extraction procedure. This process is toxic-free and environmentally beneficial while ensuring the harvest of improved and robust CBD extract from hemp.  

Quick Elixinol CBD Summary


  • Elixinol offers informative CBD education to customers and users. 
  • The oral tincture has a marked dropper for easy and accurate use.
  • They are dedicated to extensive CBD research, a catalyst for crafting innovative and quality products.
  • They produce a range of product varieties. 
  • There is a quiz section on the website designed to help new users make the best product choice. 
  • They publish third-party product results on their site, and customers can also trace the product quality with the aid of batch numbers. 
  • If you do not like the product, you can return for a refund.


  • Elixinol products are not readily available in the UK as they are based in the US.
  • As fashionable as CBD gummies are, Elixinol has no gummy. 

Elixinol CBD Products Review


Elixinol CBD oil is a top quality oil made with 100% top hemp extract mixed with MCT coconut oil and other natural ingredients such as beta-caryophyllene. They are gluten-free, made with purely plants based substances and therefore, are vegan friendly. The supercritical CO2 CBD extraction used in the production process ensures robust cannabinoids in the oil. 

They are made from organic hemp grown without chemicals and certified free of toxicants and pollutants. They are pure and manufactured without toxic chemical solvents. Interestingly, Elixinol CBD oil is made in various forms (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, organic CBD, and CBD liposome) and strengths to give users diversified usage options.

Elixinol CBD Oil Forms

Daily Balance Tincture (Broad-spectrum CBD Oil): This is made to help you navigate your day-to-day stress or routine. It is crafted with a blend of broad-spectrum hemp oil, MCT coconut oil, and BCP (terpene). It is ideal for helping the smooth running of your life daily activities. 

With a refreshing winter mint flavour that enhances its organoleptic appeal and BCP for improved efficacy and absorption, this daily balance tincture is undoubtedly one of its kind among supplements. The marked dropper increases its ease of usage and accuracy of dosing. The CBD  tincture is available in 4 concentrations ─ 133mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 4,000mg CBD per bottle.  As a broad-spectrum hemp product, this is a great option for those who loathe THC.

Daily Balance Tincture (Full-spectrum CBD Oil): This is similar to the broad-spectrum oil, except that the hemp used here is full-spectrum. It is also made in two flavours: natural and cinnamint.

Organic Balance Tincture (Full-spectrum CBD Oil): This is produced to enable you harmonise your daily hassles while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is USDA-certified and made with the whole-plant extract. Thus, it delivers a potent quantity of CBD, cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes that creates the entourage effect. It is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, possesses natural flavour, and is made without chemical solvents.

Daily Balance Liposome: This product takes advantage of the lipid solubility of CBD for its improved efficacy. It is created by infusing CBD into naturally occurring phospholipids. The pure lemon and orange extract content allow for enlivening citrus twist flavour. It comes in two CBD concentrations of 300mg and 1,000mg CBD per bottle.

Elixinol CBD Oil Prices: $11.99 – $219.99 

CBD Capsule

Elixinol CBD capsule provides you with powerful and innovatively crafted oil in pill forms for convenient ingestion. They are made with organically grown hemp and 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. With supercritical CO2 extracted hemp, its cannabinoid content is well enhanced for appropriate effect and wellness. The recommended dose is two capsules daily, but if your body tolerates more, the dosage choice is up to you, while of course ensuring you avoid abuse of the product. 

Like the Elixinol CBD oil, there are five capsule formulations for various purposes and needs. They include Good Night Capsules, Body Comfort Capsules, Stress Less CBD Capsules, Omega Turmeric Capsules, and Daily Balance Capsules. Every single Elixinol capsule has 15mg CBD, but the number of pills and total CBD strength differs per bottle, so do prices.

Prices: $34.99 – $64.99.

CBD Topicals

Elixinol topicals are intended to let you enjoy CBD even without oral ingestion. By being applied to the skin, they provide localised vitality. They are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly products produced with non-GMO hemp and a host of other natural and skin-loving ingredients (capsaicin, copaiba, and essential oils). They soothe, calm, repair, and moisturise the skin. 

They come in three CBD strengths and formulations ─ Sport Gel, Lipid Balm, and Hemp Balm. The Sport Gel is a broad-spectrum formula with 1000mg CBD ($59.99), while the Lipid and Hemp Balm are full-spectrum formulas with 5mg CBD ($7.99) and 250mg CBD ($9.99) respectively.   

Conclusion and Score

Elixinol, from all indications, is a renowned brand. As a brainchild of an influential figure in the cannabis industry, they are immensely committed to making top CBD products available for users. Looking at Elixinol product quality, one may not initially appreciate the work put in by the team behind the scenes. We suggest that you try out Elixinol products. It might turn out to be what you have desired all along.

Website: elixinol.com

Score: 8/10

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