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Who Are Enecta CBD?

Enecta CBD is everything a CBD brand should be. All their operations, from hemp planting to the final product, are top-notch and transparent. They do not just produce high-quality CBD forms; they also remain transparent with regard to their manufacturing processes. And this is because they trust in their ability to provide you with some of the best CBD forms you can buy.

Full Review

Enecta is an Italian CBD brand and a global giant in the CBD industry, founded in 2013 and based in Italy and the Netherlands. Enecta has assembled a team of skilled and experienced professionals ranging from botanists to chemists and pharmacists, to oversee their CBD manufacturing processes. They make superior CBD products that meet global quality standards. All their products contain less than 0.2% THC and are non-psychoactive. The product quality is also validated by independent third-party examination. 

They source hemp from compliant farms in Italy, specifically from Emilia Romagna, Abruzzo, and Tuscany. They use only the best strains, including Futura, Shantica, and Fedora, adapted for optimal oil production.  The cannabis is grown and sourced according to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP). The hemp seeds are of high quality as well as certified by relevant EU law. The THC content of the cannabis seeds is below 0.2%, ensuring that all products have only trace THC amount and can be purchased legally in many countries.

They extract CBD from cannabis using the solvent-based ethanol extraction method. The process generates rich content and purity, which guarantees the utmost quality of the final product. Enecta carries out this extraction process in compliance with relevant requirements for pharmaceutical products. They function in total compliance with the highest production standards.

Enecta grows hemp in selected and authenticated fields. The hemp is grown without chemicals such as fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicides. As a result, they do not accumulate toxicants from the planting field. Their product purity is monitored according to European Pharmacopoeia guidelines, and all their production processes are done in line with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Quick Brand Summary


  • Enecta makes CBD with optimum and ethically sourced hemp.
  • Their products are made with full-spectrum extract ensuring super entourage effect. 
  • The THC content of all products is below the legally stipulated 0.3%. Thus, they are non-psychoactive. 
  • Products are GACP and GMP compliant. 
  • Considering their high quality, the products are relatively cheap.
  • They invest a lot in hemp research. 
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all unused and unopened products.


  • Enecta CBD products are not shipped to the US, except in bulk, making it difficult for US users to access. 
  • They do not make CBD gummies, which are highly desirable products.

Product Evaluation

Enecta specialises in making varieties of fantastic CBD products like oils, capsules, topicals, and more.

CBD Oil 

Enecta CBD oils are top-ranked vegan-friendly and gluten-free oral tinctures made with full-spectrum hemp extract. The formulations contain CBD and natural ingredients like terpenes, vitamins, and flavonoids for optimal wellness. They are an excellent addition to your wellness regimen.

The hemp used is obtained from Italy, and is organic and non-GMO. It is grown sustainably without fertilisers, pesticides, and herbicide. Producing cannabis without these chemicals generates sublime CBD for making high-quality products. The plants are carefully harvested and extracted using the ethanol extraction method.

Enecta tinctures are produced in GMP certified facilities under stringent quality assurance specifications. They are created without synthetic ingredients like artificial colours and flavours. During the manufacturing processes, the oil is tested extensively for lack of contaminants, both natural and artificial impurities. They are again subjected to independent third-party lab testing for the content and quality confirmation after production.

The calibrated dropper helps with the ease of administration. Although the oil comes in four CBD potencies, there are actually only three CBD strengths. This is because the 300, 1000, and 2400mg CBD are contained in 10ml bottles, which give 3%, 10%, and 24% CBD, respectively, while the 3000mg CBD comes in 30ml container which also gives 10% CBD on consumption. For new users in particular, the 3% CBD is a good choice. 

Price: €19.95 – €128.95

CBD Capsule

Enecta CBD capsules are vegan-friendly and gluten-free tablets crafted with full-spectrum plant extract. They are of excellent quality and guarantee maximum bioavailability. They are made for convenient CBD consumption, and are suitable for individuals who do not appreciate the raw taste of hemp oil. The capsules also have pre-measured CBD dosage, so you always consume an accurate dose.

The extraction method used by Enecta provides the tablets with potent cannabinoid for the improved entourage effect. The pill is available in a 1000mg CBD bottle, which holds 30 pills, giving a serving of 33.6mg CBD per capsule. Unfortunately, this may be much for beginners who may prefer to begin with a tablet containing 10mg CBD. The capsules are tested for purity and safety by third-party labs, with results published on the website. 

Price: €59.95

CBD Crystals

Enecta CBD crystals are pure CBD forms with 1% terpenes, which allow you to utilise CBD as you wish. They can be taken in various ways; you can add to food, vapourise, or ingest orally by placing them beneath your tongue. The crystals are obtained from organically grown Italian hemp sourced from GACP compliant farms. Like all other Enecta products, third-party lab tests certify their status.

Price: €32.95

CBD Vapes

Enecta vapes are high-class CBD forms with terpenes and no nicotine. They contain no artificial additives and are flavoured with natural peach tea extracts. The vapes provide a calming sensation and are produced in 10ml containers with either 50, 200, or 400mg CBD. 

Price: €9.95 – €19.95

CBD Topicals

Enecta CBD topicals combine full-spectrum whole plant extract with natural skincare ingredients like sweet almond oil, shea butter, vitamin E, beet extract, and fructooligosaccharides. They deliver CBD to desired body parts for localised effects, and at the same time, moisturise, soothe, and repair the skin. Enecta topical products range from CBD creams to lipid balms, face cleansers, and hand sanitiser gel. They provide an enjoyable means of adding CBD to your beauty routine. 

Price: €7.95 – €54.95

CBG Products

Enecta, in its usual trend-setting characteristic, produces CBG oil and crystals. Cannabigerol (CBG) is another all-important cannabinoid present in the cannabis plant. Although it is not yet as popular as CBD, Enecta, as a highly innovative company, makes it possible for CBD lovers to utilise CBG either as oral tinctures or as crystals. The CBG products are produced in Enecta GMP compliant facilities under stringent safety conditions. All CBG products are third-party tested. 

Conclusion and Score

Enecta is truly a legendary brand dedicated to the continual improvement of the CBD industry. They are extremely transparent in their activities, and innovatively craft products that promise potent CBD to consumers. If you want to utilise legendary CBD products, then try Enecta today. 

Score: 10/10


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