Enecta Vs. Endoca Vs. Provacan CBD

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The CBD sector is one of Europe’s fastest-growing industries, especially in the UK and in the US. CBD as a wellness supplement has had unprecedented acceptance and tremendous popularity. Expectedly, there is some confusion among users on choosing the best manufacturers of CBD.

The lack of strict regulations in the industry allows for misdemeanours by some producers, such as mislabelling products. Many benefits are attributed to CBD, but you must choose the right product to enjoy such benefits. Let’s take you through some of the brands that are setting the pace in the industry.


Enecta was founded in 2012 by Marco Cappiello and his partner Jacopo. It is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and is one of the first CBD manufacturers. Their desire to supply consumers with the highest grade of CBD led to the formation of a fantastic team within the company; a group comprising botanists, Italian cannabis breeders, scientists, and educators charged with achieving a common goal ─ inundating the CBD community with unique CBD products.

Enecta follows all the guidelines necessary to make good quality CBD. They grow without chemicals, apply Good Agriculture and Collection Practices (GACP), stick to European Pharmacopoeia specifications, and observe Good Manufacturing Practices procedure.


Endoca, founded in 2006 by Henry Vincenty, is one of the oldest CBD manufacturers. It is based in Hoofddorp in the Netherlands and has another headquarters in  Spokane Valley, Washington, USA.  Endoca fundamentally focuses on researching and developing new and original products using cannabis extract. Their ultimate desire is to make CBD products available worldwide for all.

It was born out of decades of intensive exploration and research for suitable organic medicines and the founder’s desire to give the world a natural alternative for wellness. Endoca is a family business that leverages the family experience in hemp cultivation to produce one of the most high-quality collection of CBD products available.


Provacan was founded in 2016 by Clifton Flack, one of the prominent pioneers of the cannabis industry. It is a subsidiary of CiiTECH, which is a distinguished company in cannabis research and innovations. They continually enhance their products in line with the latest scientific findings.

Provacan collaborates scientifically with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a renowned cannabis research university where new research on THC and CBD was discovered in the 1960s by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam; a world-famous cannabis researcher. Hence, it’s not surprising that Provacan has since progressed to become a leading CBD brand in the UK. Their ingenuity has continuously paid off as Provacan is generally considered the best CBD manufacturer in the UK.

Additionally, Provacan CBD oil is the first UK kosher-certified brand by the Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din (KLBD), a notable kosher certification agency in Europe. 

Products Highlights

Enecta, Endoca, and Provacan manufacture a number of standard CBD products ensuring that several CBD forms are available for all users. Their CBD forms span from oils to capsules, crystals, topicals, vapes, and e-liquids. 

CBD Oils

These brands have high quality and full-spectrum oil, which are in different doses. A 10ml bottle of Enecta CBD oil may contain 300mg, 1000mg, 2400mg, or 3000mg of CBD. Each 10ml Endoca CBD bottle may have either the medium (300mg CBD) or strong (1500mg CBD) CBD concentration. While Provacan oils are made in concentrations of 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg, or 2400mg of CBD per 10ml bottle.

CBD Capsules

Enecta premium CBD capsule is made to guarantee maximum bioavailability and contains full-spectrum whole plant extract. A jar of enecta capsule includes 30 capsules, each with 1000mg of CBD. 

Endoca CBD capsules are produced in two specifications; medium (10mg CBD) and Strong (50mg CBD), with each bottle having a maximum of 30 tablets.

Provacan capsules are full-spectrum products, and a 17g net weight bottle contains 30 capsules and different amounts of CBD. The 180mg, 720mg, and 2880mg tablets have 6mg, 24mg, and 96mg of CBD, respectively.

CBD Topicals

Anti-aging creams (700mg CBD), moisturising creams (350mg CBD), body lotion (200mg CBD), face cleanser (200mg CBD), and lip balm (50mg CBD) are all topicals manufactured by Enecta CBD. Endoca has CBD salves (750mg CBD), creams (300 – 1500mg CBD), and balms (20mg CBD), whereas Provacan has balm, massage oil, cream, gel, and shampoo. 

The Companies’ Standout Qualities

These manufacturers have an eye for quality and steady improvement. They are research-led and have background teams of specialists in cannabis research, reputable farmers, and institutions dedicated to discovering the latest development on cannabis through extensive scientific investigations. 

CBD Sources

Enacta sources their CBD only from Italian cultivated and 100% naturally grown cannabis, which yields natural and best grade CBD. The hemp is produced according to the EU standard and in accredited fields without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides to ensure that the extracts are as natural as possible.

Endoca grow, harvest, and process the cannabis extract themselves as it is owned by a hemp cultivator family. They develop hemp within EU standards, and naturally without fertilisers, and other chemicals.

Provacan source and extract their CBD from organically-certified, highest grade hemp grown in Europe.

Third-party Lab Testing

Enecta, Endoca, and Provacan all sell only tested and verified CBD oil. These oils are tested by third-party and independent laboratories to certify their CBD content, and the absence of harmful substances such as fertilisers and chemical solvents.

Product Quality

Enecta, Endoca, and Provacan full-spectrum products give you added hemp compounds, CBG and CBDv, and other phytochemicals such as flavonoids and terpenes, which all work together to provide you with a more refined taste and other beneficial properties. 

These brands employ standard CBD extraction techniques that ensure the generation of active CBD, other cannabinoids, and phytonutrients from the hemp plants, thereby providing the users with purely natural and super-grade hemp extracts.

Research-driven Brands

Enecta, Endoca, and Provacan are CBD brands that put a significant amount of their profits into CBD research. They champion the continuous evolution of CBD for the good of consumers. 

Product Reviews

Each of these brands has thousands of excellent reviews from customers. These positive reports by the users are a testament to the quality of the products. Since these reviews are done voluntarily by the clients, and without any influence, they are instrumental in helping consumers make the right choice.


Although these are great brands, their products are sold at relatively low prices compared to their quality. And this is to ensure that the amount does not constitute a barrier for users. Enecta CBD products’ cost starts at as low as €9.95, Endoca at £7, and Provacan at £8.99.

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