Green Roads CBD Review

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is a prominent active constituent in the cannabis plant. Since the discovery of CBD’s potential as a natural wellness supplement, it has become an industry of its own, and the market is continually expanding. That means the presence of many manufacturers and staggering product numbers. Deciding to support your life activities with CBD is effortless, but it remains difficult to make the best choice of brand. With so many brands available, choosing the right manufacturer can be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating. 

Does CBD arouse your interest? Do you desire to use CBD but are afraid of its safety and quality? If your answer is yes, then keep reading; this review is for you.

Who Are Green Roads CBD?


Green Roads CBD is an excellent CBD brand, headquartered in the USA. It is a relatively old company in the business. It has evolved astronomically over the years, revolutionising and shaping the sector. They strive to ensure that whatever products they ship out to the market are of a very high standard. Thus, their products are safe for consumption and offer numerous health benefits.

Full Review

Green Roads CBD was launched by Laura Fuentes and Arby Barroso in 2013, and is one of the fastest-growing firms in Florida. It came to fruition as a mission to help people attain wellness by utilising the power of hemp. 

Green Roads make CBD with American grown hemp sourced from certified Colorado farms. The hemp is planted sustainably without chemicals like fertilisers for enhanced purity. Their CBD extraction utilises the supercritical CO2 mechanism, which delivers robust cannabinoids. All processes are tested in-house throughout production. After this, the batches are sent out for independent third-party testing, which certifies the content and standard.

The CEO and co-founder of Green Roads is an experienced pharmacist whose wealth of experience guides its focus on product safety and quality assurance. Their stance on CBD safety, quality, and brand transparency has been as vehement as it has been unwavering. They were one of the first manufacturers to push for independent third-party lab testing for all product batches. 

Green Roads is a research focused brand that collaborates with the University of Florida to develop the best hemp growing strategies in Florida. They have been deeply involved in research to help Florida grow legal hemp in its different climates. It does this by donating both seeds and funds. In 2019, it spent about $1.3M for this purpose. 

Their commitment to their customers is unparalleled. Although they are focused in providing you with superlative CBD forms, they also go further by prioritising customer service. Whether you are purchasing products or just asking CBD questions, the customer service team always provides the highest quality of help and support. 

Quick Green Roads CBD Summary


  • Green Roads have many oil strengths, making it a suitable brand for both beginners and regular users. 
  • The products contain less than 0.3% THC and are non-psychoactive. 
  • All products are third-party lab tested, and the Certificates of Analysis are published on the website.
  • They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on unopened orders.


  • The company does not ship products to the UK.

Product Highlights

Green Roads CBD makes a variety of high good quality CBD products.


Green Roads oils are gluten-free and vegan-friendly premium CBD products. Interestingly, the brand makes both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum tinctures, a rare occurrence in the industry. Although both tincture options provide improved entourage effects, the broad-spectrum formula has 0% THC, while the full-spectrum variety contains less than 0.3% THC.

They are made with no artificial colours or flavours but have great tastes and are well adapted for wellness or daily routine support. The broad-spectrum is available in natural apple, kiwi bliss, mint breeze, and original flavours. The full-spectrum exists only in the original flavour. 

The oral tinctures are made with original non-GMO hemp sourced from Colorado compliant farms. The hemp is grown without chemicals like fertilisers, herbicides, and pesticides, preserving their purity, which manifests in the oil class. They use the highly efficient supercritical CO2 method in CBD extraction, generating only top-notch extracts. The hemp extract is suspended in a fine mixture of MCT oil and hemp seed oil, resulting in improved availability. 

Green Roads produce CBD oils in three strengths; 300mg, 750mg, and 1500mg CBD, all contained in 30ml bottles. They are made in cGMP certified and FDA registered facilities, a testament of their quality. The tinctures are tested several times in the course of production for safety and purity. Following production, they are further verified by independent third-party lab tests, with results uploaded on the website for transparency. 

Price: $49.99 – $149.99

CBD Topicals

Green Roads CBD topicals are vegan-friendly, gluten-free products formed with either broad-spectrum extract or CBD isolates for skin and joint nourishment and repair. They consist of Heat and Cool Relief CBD Roll-on, Muscle and Joint Relief CBD cream, and Skin Relief CBD cream. They are formulated with a combination of organic hemp extract and other essential natural ingredients like avocado oil, lavender, Vitamin E, and cucumber. 

Topicals are enjoyable ways of delivering CBD to particular body parts for localised effects. Green Roads topicals are ideal for managing your daily activities and routines. The heat relief formula provides a warming sensation to the application point, whereas the cool relief option gives a cooling feeling, both accompanying daily routine or fitness regimen. 

The products are top-class formulas manufactured with rigorously tested hemp extracts. They are also third-party lab tested for quality assurance. The topicals are available in different strengths, including 50, 150, 350, and 750mg CBD. 

Price: $11.99 – $69.99

CBD Edibles

Green Roads edibles include top-quality gummies and chocolates that give you adequate CBD daily dosing. They are formed with premium non-GMO hemp and other organic ingredients for improved wellness. The Sleepy Zs variety is better suited for night consumption due to its melatonin content. On the other hand, the Relax Bears are better adapted to help in navigating daily events. Independent third-party lab tests certify their qualities, and they are available in many CBD concentrations (10, 15, 25, and 50mg).

Price: $3.25 – $49.99

CBD Capsules And Softgels

Green Roads capsules are vegan-friendly, gluten-free products crafted with natural ingredients and high-grade CBD isolates. They are adapted to deliver appropriate wellness at any time of day. You can start your day with the standard Softgel, ensure an easy afternoon with the Relax capsules, and support your night routine with the Sleep pills. These capsules are third-party lab-verified for quality with each tablet boasting 25mg CBD. 

Price: $49.99

CBD Coffee

Green Road CBD coffee is a blend of carefully sourced Colombian coffee and Colorado-grown hemp designed to keep you alert while carrying out your daily activities. They are quality-verified by third-party examination and are made in a variety of delicious flavours.

Price: $14.99 – $49.99

CBD For Pets

Green Road makes broad-spectrum oral tinctures for pets; including cats and dogs. The pet formulations ensure that your furry friends also enjoy the benefits of CBD wellness.

Final Thoughts And Score

Green Road CBD provides a range of top-quality, unrivalled CBD products. They manufacture both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum oral tinctures, a practice that is not common among brands. With their CBD bundles, you can get excellent value for money. Indeed, Green Roads is a towering CBD brand.

Score: 10/10


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