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CBD Vape

Cannabis cultivation and usage has traditionally been prohibited in many countries. Until cannabidiol (CBD) was discovered, cannabis was generally regarded as a psychoactive plant, a property it drives from its tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) component.  THC is the most abundant ingredient in the cannabis plant, followed by CBD. CBD does not product psychoactive effects, but possesses many wellness benefits such as reducing pains, easing anxiety, and improving sleep.

The rise of the wellness industry saw CBD being coveted as the most sought-after health supplement. This popularity led to the inception of many different CBD forms, including vaping. CBD vaping is one of the most common means of CBD ingestion, as it is extremely effective. When vaping, the CBD effect is felt almost immediately.

There has been an increase in the number of vapers as more and more people embrace vapes as an alternative to traditional smoking. To a large extent, vaping is considered a lesser evil than smoking cigarettes, which may be a pointer to why it has become so fashionable lately.

CBD vaping uses vape juice infused with CBD, which is manufactured with food ingredients. Despite often being referred to as CBD vape oil, it contains no oil. It is more accurately called either CBD vape juice or CBD distillate. CBD vapers use vape pens, which have cartridges that function as a chamber for the vape juice.

Benefits of CBD Vape

  • CBD vape bioavailability is high. Put simply, when the same CBD concentration is taken from a vape and from a gummy, for instance, more CBD will be absorbed from the CBD vape than the gummy.
  • CBD vape offers the fastest cannabinoid delivery to the body. It reaches the systemic circulation within minutes and rapidly exerts its effect.
  • CBD vape products possess pronounced cannabis flavours that make them greatly popular amongst consumers.
  • CBD vapes are portable and convenient to use.