CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg 30 pcs

Gel capsules are a great way to enjoy CBD as they are pre-measured, so the customer can be sure of exactly how much they are ingesting. The capsules contain:

  • Premium quality CBD derived from industrial hemp
  • Active cannabinoids and terpenes
  • 100% legal and authentic product
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This product from CBDreakiro is not for beginners as it is one of the strongest products available. With the powerful dosage of 50mg CBD, regular users can enjoy even more CBD punch. You can ingest the gel capsules directly or you can administer the dosage with your favourite food or drink. It is totally up to you but one thing is guaranteed: you will be enjoy-ing a completely organic product and your money will be well spent. With regard to the quality, all aspects of production are scrutinised by the quality team and only perfection is delivered to the customers. From the raw materials to the final product, all materials used in production are obtained from organic sources and are vegan friendly.

In addition, the product is a very convenient method of enjoying CBD. Gel capsules are ex-tremely portable and easy to carry. As the quantity of CBD is pre-measured, you don’t need a special applicator or pipette dropper to administer the daily dosage. It is as easy as enjoy-ing a piece of candy. However, the effects of gel capsules might take longer than the tinc-ture as CBD is not released directly into the bloodstream but goes through the digestive sys-tem. So, if you are not feeling anything right after taking the dosage, you don’t need to ad-minister another capsule. Let the capsule run its course and CBD will be released gradually into the body. Although the effect takes some time, the gel capsules do last longer. So, if you are looking to relax, then CBD gel capsules are the ideal choice. After a long and tiring day, allow your body to naturally relax, alongside some help from gel capsules. The CBDreakiro team is always taking initiative to make their customer experience great. For every order placed on the website, the team is offering free delivery with and guarantee that the prod-uct will reach your doorstep safe and sound.

Authenticity and legality:

For any company dealing in CBD, authenticity, and legality are the two most important factors to win the trust of the customers. CBDReakiro is no different, and ensure compliance with all the legal standards imposed by the authorities. As per the legal limit, all the products have less than 0.2% of THC. THC is a notorious compound that can induce intoxicating effects and turn any product into addiction. However, with a limit as low as 0.2% no such effects are possible. To verify these claims, each product has quality assurance certificates and lab reports. This way, manufacturing information and all ingredients are clear to consumers before buying the product. This way every customer knows what they are buying and their money is spent with complete satisfaction.


The product is made from 100% organic ingredients. The main ingredients are:

  • Industrial hemp-derived CBD
  • MCT oils
  • Phytocannabinoids
  • Pharmaceutical grade gelatin

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With the powerful serving of 50 mg, it is recommended that only one capsule is used in a day. Unlike CBD oil, you don’t need to count the drops or need special tools to calculate the exact quantity of CBD, as the gel capsule contains a pre-measured dosage. The directions to use the capsules are fairly simple. You just need to pop one capsule at your preferred time with or without desired food and drink. You don’t need to hold the capsule under the tongue like CBD oil. So, if you don’t like the natural flavour of CBD, gel capsules are the answer to that problem. With the inclusion of MCT oil, the earthy flavour of industrial hemp is countered, whilst the ingredients are still organic so quality is not compromised. After your daily dosage, make sure the bottle is not exposed to sunlight or humid conditions as these can disturb the organic nature of the product. Storing the bottle in the refrigerator is also not recommended for the same reasons. If you have any ambiguity regarding the usage or dosage, the CBDreakiro team is always there to answer all the questions. Gel capsules make the process extremely easy and with 30 capsules in one bottle, you are good for a whole month.


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