CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg 60 pcs

Gel capsules are a great way to enjoy CBD as they are pre-measured, so the customer can be sure of exactly how much they are ingesting.

The capsules contain:

  • Premium quality CBD derived from industrial hemp
  • Active cannabinoids and terpenes
  • 100% legal and authentic product
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CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg from CBD Reakiro contains 60 capsules, full of rich cannabinoids. The large bottle has been created specifically for regular users, so they don’t have to restock their CBD inventory often. For a person using one capsule per day, the bottle is enough for 2 months. The product is rich with cannabinoids and other essential compounds to boost the experience and improve wellness. Furthermore, the gel capsules are easy to administer and easy to carry. If you are traveling or even just in a meeting at work, you can discretely take a capsule and your CBD levels will be replenished gradually. Similar to CBD tinctures, the capsules should not be refrigerated or exposed to direct sunlight.

With regard to the ingredients, all are derived from organic sources. The hemp is extracted without the use of any kinds of chemicals or insecticides. The level of THC extracted is well within the regulatory limit so you won’t feel any intoxication. In addition, to combat the earthy flavour of hemp, essential oils are added and give the customer a more pleasurable experience.

The authenticity of each ingredient is verified before production, and quality certificates are available for customers to view. Each ingredient is listed on the bottle, so users can be fully aware of what they are consuming. With this level of quality control and transparency, the consumers will be getting only authentic and genuine products.

With the help of CBD, bodily functions like sleeping, digestion, and immune system work seamlessly and you can enjoy a better and more peaceful life.

Authenticity and legality:
If you have any questions regarding the integrity of the company or the quality of the product then rest assured, CBD Reakiro takes extra measures to ensure top-notch product. All of the products go through extensive quality procedures they are sold. The final product is backed with laboratory tests and a certificate of analysis (COA) so the customers can confirm the authenticity.
Furthermore, lab results are also available from independent labs for transparency purposes. With regard to legality, all products have a low amount of THC (less than 0.2%) which is the legal limit as per rules of the UK and Europe. As no psychoactive ingredients are present in CBD Gel Capsules 1500mg, the customers won’t feel any intoxicating effect. Finally, the products are completely vegan friendly so everyone can enjoy the amazing CBD experience.


All the products are made from 100% organic ingredients. The main ingredients are:

  • Cannabidiol
  • Hemp extract
  • MCT oil
  • Pharmaceutical grade gelatin

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If you have used CBD oil before then you may know there is no specific limit of CBD that you can induce to reach desired effects. Gel capsules are completely different from tinctures as every capsule has a fixed quantity of cannabinoids, without compromises the richness of phytocannabinoids. Each capsule has 25mg of CBD so you will be getting 25mg of cannabinoids with every serving. The effect might take longer than it would with a tincture as CBD is not entering the bloodstream directly. Gel capsules are first digested, and cannabinoids are released into the bloodstream from there. The digestion process varies from person to person, so if you are not feeling the effect it probably means that more time is required for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream. Gel capsules are not for instant effect, but it is long-lasting. The recommended daily dose is one capsule each day. However, as the effects vary between individuals, it is important to observe the effects. If you are getting the desired quantity, then continue with one capsule otherwise you may increase the quantity as per your liking.


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