IMPACT Sports 32MG CBD Capsules

  • Contains 32mg of CBD per capsule
  • Flavourless
  • Easy to use
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Accurate dosing

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What are IMPACT Sports CBD Capsules?

Tinctures and gummies are excellent ways to take CBD.  Add our IMPACT Sports capsules to your fitness routine and help maintain wellness. The vegan-friendly capsules are all-natural and ideal for consumers looking for a more traditional method to use hemp extracts.

Each pill contains 32mg of CBD, and the capsule is made from plant-based pullulan. Many shoppers enjoy this method because the tablets are flavourless and odourless, and provide accurate dosing. The extract is sold as a food supplement.

Cannabinoid-Rich Formula

Hemp contains over 500 naturally occurring compounds, including over 100 cannabinoids with similar properties to CBD. The popular plant also has terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. The full-spectrum formula also includes up to 0.2% THC. The UK and the EU governments allow 0.02% THC in legally grown hemp items, as this amount will not cause a psychoactive response.

Premium Quality, European Hemp

IMPACT Sports CBD products are derived from high-quality, European-certified hemp that’s cultivated with non-GMO seeds. The hemp is grown without the aid of pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals. All plants meet the strict guidelines set by the EU and the UK governments. 

Safe CO2 Extraction Process

There are several ways to process hemp products. IMPACT uses a safe and effective supercritical C02 method that doesn’t leave behind residual solvents. We infuse the hemp compounds into an all-organic coconut oil. Consumers can verify the solvent-free status on the certificate of analysis. 

Independent Lab Screenings

All IMPACT products go through a rigorous in-house testing process to verify the safety, potency, and quality of each batch. After passing our internal inspection, the items are then sent to a third-party lab in the UK. Following the completion of the lab screening screening, the facility issues a certificate of analysis (COA). 

The statement provides details on exact amounts of CBD, THC, and other ingredient, and also lists any detectible amounts of contaminants. Shoppers can read the full report on our website.


Organic coconut oil, premium-grade hemp, pullulan capsule

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How to Use IMPACT Sports CBD Capsules?

CBD pills are discreet and straightforward to use. Many consumers prefer these as an accurate dosing option. To use, take one to two capsules on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before eating. We don’t recommend exceeding 200mg or more than six tablets in 24 hours. 

For the best results, take IMPACT capsules at the same time each day. Consumers can combine the capsules with other CBD products but shouldn’t go over the daily recommended serving. When consuming hemp pills, allow the product between 30 to 90 minutes to go through the digestion process. Each bottle contains 960mg of CBD in 30 capsules. 


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