Provacan CBD Vape Oil 300mg

300MG CBD Vape Oil

  • Contains 300MG CBD
  • Sourced from Non-GMO hemp plants
  • Full-spectrum formula
  • Lab-validated 
  • Less than 0.05% THC
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What is Provacan 300MG CBD Vape Oil?

CBD e-liquid for vaporisers is a popular hemp extract, designed for fast, pure results. Consumers buy vape oil to use alone or add to nicotine e-juices. Provacan’s 300mg formula is unflavoured and only contains CBD extract and an 80:20 vegetable glycerin (VG) to propylene glycol (PG) ratio. Our full spectrum vape oil comes in a 10ml bottle that’s legal in the UK and all EU member states. 

100% All-Natural Organic Hemp 

Hemp is a versatile plant that people have been cultivating for over 10,000 years. Our modern cultivators grow the ancient crop with GMO-free seeds and without the use of pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. The plants are produced 100% legally in the sub-alpine region of Slovenia and Croatia and meet all EU and UK regulations. 

Also, CiiTECH and Provacan is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association UK and follows all cultivation and processing guidelines. Each plant is hand-harvested and cured naturally. 

Safe & Effective C02 Extraction 

Provacan 300mg CBD e-juice is a high-quality formula that uses a low-temperature, low-pressure CO2 extraction process. This method is considered the most effective and safest. It leaves behind zero residual solvents. 

Formulated with an 80:20 Blend of VG to PG

Not all CBD vape oils are created equally. It’s essential to pay attention to the ingredients and blend ratio. Provacan never uses PEG or PEG400. Our unique vaping formulas use an 80: 20 VG: PG mixture. These are odourless liquids that are natural and produce vapour when heated. The sugar alcohols are safe to use with vaping devices. 

Contains Less Than 0.05% THC

The hemp for our vape juice is sourced from low-THC industrial hemp that is in full compliance with the UK Misuse of Drug Acts. Plants are allowed to have up to 0.2% THC. Provacan 300mg CBD Vape Oil contains less than 0.05% THC. This minuscule amount isn’t enough to produce a psychotropic response. 

Lab-Tested for Quality, Purity, & Safety 

Provacan CBD vaping products go through extensive in-house screenings for potency, quality, and safety. Batches that pass our first testing are sent to a third-party lab in the UK for a certificate of analysis (COA). These reports list the total cannabinoid content, percentage of THC, and check for impurities, such as pesticides, chemical fertilisers, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Full-spectrum hemp extract CBD, VG, PG

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There isn’t a specific dosage guide for CBD e-juice. The hemp extract is formulated to use safely throughout the day by itself or mixed with other vape oil. Each serving varies largely on how long of a “puff” the user takes. 

We estimate the average consumer inhales about 175 puffs for every ml of e-liquid. Users should get about 1,750 puffs per bottle. These calculations equate to about 0.34mg of CBD per puff. The hemp extract per dose cannot be precisely accurate because of variations in bioavailability.


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