Provacan CBD VapePods

  • Unique design
  • Provides precision dosing
  • Long battery life
  • Tamper-proof VapePod
  • User-Friendly

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What is the CBD VapePod?

The CBD VapePod offers an improved vaping experience. Provacan designed the device to work with specially formulated CBD Terpene VapePods that are available in both night and day formulas. Each blend varies by the terpene content to deliver a highly concentrated vapour. 

The device is engineered with the finest quality materials and a state-of-the-art porous core system. It heats the cannabinoids and terpenes to the exact temperature necessary to preserve the fragile terpenes. It includes a battery that’s breath activated. Consumers only have to inhale, and the simple device will power on and heat almost instantaneously.  

Low-Temperature Vaping

Vaporisation isn’t the same as smoking. Vape juice and oils should only be heated at low temperatures to avoid overheating and destroying the delicate compounds. The CBD VapePod uses a ceramic heating element to control the heating process. Our new and improved vape device provides the exact temperature to heat all the compounds safely for the optimal experience. 

High-Quality UK Design

It has a sleek design that looks great and is functional. The device has haptic controls for user-friendliness and a wicking system that fully seals the device, preventing contamination that can reduce its functionality. It also protects the VapePod from tampering. The mouthpiece is fixed, and it uses a CCELL atomiser for top performance. 

It features visual indicators to show users when it’s activated and when the VapePod needs to be charged. To recharge the battery, attach the USB cord and wait for the light to turn green to use the device again. The device also has oversized vape channels for optimised flow and efficient inhalation. 

Built for Discreet Use 

The CBD VapePod is simple to use and discreet. It’s small enough to fit in your hand for quick and convenient use. Many users prefer to vape CBD for the convenience factor. Take the device everywhere to use, as necessary. It emits a little aroma but this is barely noticeable. Store it in a pocket for easy access or slide it away in your purse, briefcase, backpack, or desk drawer.



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How to Use the CBD VapePod

The device automatically activates when you inhale and delivers a controlled and measured amount for precision dosing. There are two formulas available for the Provacan CBD VapePod: a Day Terpene CBD VapePod and a Night Terpene CBD VapePod. Each contains 250mg, or 55 per cent, of CBD content. The two pods are easy to switch back and forth to meet your daytime and nighttime vaporisation needs. 

Neither unique formula includes propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. These ingredients are also known as PG and VG, and they’re the two most common additives found in vaping blends. The pods have been developed in partnership with Kanabo Research. 


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