Provacan Vs. Premiumjane CBD

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Provacan and Premiumjane are two leading brands at the forefront of the CBD industry. Like great brands, they have set out to not only make CBD products readily available for people but to also set the records with respect to CBD standing and provide you with up to the minute scientific research and information about CBD. 

Overview of The Companies


Provacan is one of the greatest brands of CBD available in the UK market. At Provacan, there is a blend of quality, transparency and regulatory compliances guiding the manufacture of CBD in the UK and EU. Its vision is to make the UK a force to be reckoned with in the global CBD industry. As a knowledge-based driven company, and also one that understands the dynamism of the CBD sector,

Provacan is determined not just to bring CBD products to your doorsteps but also to flood the CBD community with updated information and researches on CBD. And it does this by employing the services of opinion leaders, and leading scientists charged with making novel and original products. Again, by its continuous collaboration with several universities, notably the Hebrew University. 


Unlike Provacan, which at present focuses at the UK, Premiumjane is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and wields enormous influence in the US. Like Provacan, they are a fabulous brand of CBD with an astonishing predisposition towards quality, which is evident in the composition of the people behind the scene at the company; a fantastic team comprising of agricultural experts and farmers whose duty is to ensure a continuous flow of first-class hemp strain, biologists, chemists and marketing developers who know their onions in the sector. With this inkling of the team at Premiumjane, do you still wonder why the brand has become what it is today?


Provacan and Premiumjane put in their best to let you have your CBD which has become a mouthwatering substance of late. These renowned manufacturers do not merely push out CBD to the market; they make sure that whichever CBD product you procure from them has the most excellent assurance of quality. 

They have a wide range of products carefully made to quench your thirst for CBD.  They both have similar products in CBD oils, gummies, capsules, and topicals. Additionally, Provacan offers CBD e-liquids, pastes, edibles, isolates, and vapes, while Premiumjane sells CBD bath bombs and CBD for pets. They both sell products in bulk which enables you to get more value for less price. 

CBD Oils

Provacan works hard to make the best CBD formulation available to the people. The oil is full-spectrum and comes in a various amount such as 300, 600, 1200, and 2400 mg per 10 ml of a bottle each. For a serving of one drop of oil from 300, 600, 1200, and 2400 mg bottle, there is approximately 1.5, 3, 6, and 12 mg of CBD respectively. 

Premiumjane CBD oil is also a full-spectrum formula that comes in different doses and flavours – citrus, mint, chocolate mint, lemon-lime, and earthy natural. The various dosages available include 300, 600, and 1000 mg per 30 ml bottle, and 3000 and 5000 mg per 60 ml bottle.

These oils are vegan friendly, and being full-spectrum formulas, they assure entourage effect which some users crave profoundly. 

CBD Gummies

Premiumjane gummies have mixed-berry fruit flavour and are more in amount than provacan gummies. A bottle of 750 mg contains 30 gummies, with 25 mg of CBD per gummy. Unlike the Provacan gummy which is made from full-spectrum CDB, Premiumjane gummies are made from pure CBD (isolates) which makes them fully THC-free. 

Provacan gummies are fat-free and vegan-friendly quality gummy with mixed fruit flavour. Unlike gummies from most UK CBD brand, Provacan gummies leave you with no bad aftertaste to battle. They are produced in two sizes of 100 mg and 500 mg with each gummy containing 10 mg of CBD. 

CBD Capsules

Provacan and Premiumjane CBD capsules are made for convenience and to help users who may find ingestion of CBD oil irritating. Provacan is made in different sizes – 180mg CBD (6mg/capsule), 720mg CBD (24mg/capsule), and 2880mg CBD (96mg/capsule). A bottle of Premiumjane capsules contains 30 capsules of 25mg CBD each. They are both made from full-spectrum hemp extracts. 

CBD Topicals

Provacan has a lot of topicals including balm, massage oil, bath salt, gel, cream, sun cream, shampoo. At the same time, Premiumjane produces topicals such as salve, Rejuvenating Cream, facial scrub, facial cleanser, facial day, and night cream. 

Individual Products

So far, we have described only products that are common to both brands, but there are other CBD products sold by either of the manufacturers that are worth your attention. For instance, Provacan sells e-liquids, vapes, isolates, and edibles, while Premiumjane does not. Also, Premiumjane sells CBD for pets and bath bombs, whereas Provacan does not. 

Similarly, they both sell CBD in bulk to enable CBD enthusiasts to get more quantities of CBD products at a discount.

Prices Analysis

The companies offer their products at reasonable prices. Although their prices differ, arithmetically there are not many discrepancies between them. For instance, while a bottle of Provacan 1200mg CBD oil (10ml) goes for £69.99, a bottle of Premiumjane 1000mg CBD oil (30ml) is sold for $124.  

More so, a container of Premiumjane gummies; 750mg (25mg CBD per gummy) is sold for $55 whereas that of Provacan gummies; 500mg (10mg CBD/gummy) sells for £49.99. 

You should note that even though the prices are not the same when the  differences in mg and ml are put together; there is not much dissimilarity.

Why Use Provacan or Premiumjane?

These are great brands with unique features and benefits that make using CBD a fantastic experience. Whenever you want to think quality CBD, think these products. Below are a few traits that separate them from other brands at your disposal.

Source of CBD: Provacan CBDs are made from the finest whole-plant extracts cultivated and sourced from Europe while Premiumjane products are made from CBD-rich hemp plants from the US. 

CBD Quality: The extracts are made from organic plants (100% non-GMO) cultivated without herbicides and fertilizer. 

Kosher certification: Some Provacan CBD oils are Kosher certified UK’s London Beth Din depicting their adherence to quality regulatory guidelines. 

Positive Reviews from Customers: A glance at their websites shows positive testimonies from the clients about their experiences with the products. Provacan boasts of about two thousand 5-star reviews, while Premiumjane also prides itself on having countless positive reviews from clients. 

Finally, these great companies possess friendly customer support teams that will make your journey with CBD a smooth ride. Whenever you direct your confusion to them, be sure to receive excellent and amicable clarifications. 

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