Provacan Vs. Purekana CBD

Provacan Vs. Purekana CBD
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CBD has attained a household name status around the world in recent years. It’s on everyone’s lips. Thus, it has created a buzz that has catapulted it to insane popularity levels, especially in the UK and US, but in the vast majority of Countries worldwide. 

So many companies have taken advantage of this CBD explosion to create different and some unique products. In 2019, the global CBD market was approximated at USD 7.1 billion. The market is expected to hit USD 9.3 billion in 2020, and between 2019 to 2025, it will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 22.2%.

A Synopsis of Provacan and Purekana CBD Companies

Provacan and Purekana are two notable companies that have continuously called the shots in the CBD sector. Many CBD companies, like every other profit-making organisations, are driven majorly by profit gain. Fair enough, there is much money to be made in this industry, thanks to CBD awareness. 

However, these two manufacturers look way beyond just making profits. They have resolved to offer the CBD community more than just CBD, a desire that is well encapsulated in the companies’ vision.


Provacan, backed by CiiTECH, is one of the most prominent CBD companies in the UK. It is famous for its scientific exploration of the cannabis world and develops its products in partnership with eminent CBD researchers and an Israeli-based institution. Hence, their products command unrivalled aura in the EU, especially in the UK. Provacan CBD is brewed with full adherence to the EU top standards, and marketed in the UK. However, they are currently expanding into other countries too.

Provacan has made it their obligation to make CBD products accessible to users and let all people have access to non-psychoactive and legal hemp products. With Provacan products, you are sure to have one of the most powerful and trusted all-round CBD formulations at your disposal in the UK.


Purekana, like Provacan, is a unique brand of CBD. Unlike Provacan, it is located in the US ̶ Scottsdale, Arizona. It waxes in the US with unwavering popularity. When looking for a CBD manufacturer you can trust in the US, Purekana should immediately come to mind. 

They have made it their duty to make quality CBD products available for all who crave it. They also aim to expand the accessibility of CBD by making it highly affordable. Thus, with Purekana, there exists a fusion of quality with affordability that very few brands can match.

Product Comparison

Provacan and Purekana have many forms of CBD products available to consumers thus, users are offered multiple different options and ways to consume. The diversity in CBD type also enhances craving. It creates a desire to try new alternatives. Both companies manufacture CBD oils, capsules, topicals, edibles, and vapes. 

CBD Oils

Provacan oils are made in four measures: 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg and 2400mg of CBD per 10ml bottle. They offer full-spectrum oils and all CBD content is certified by 3rd party laboratory-verification. Each bottle of Provacan oil assures you of Guaranteed Total Cannabinoid Content (GTCC) due to its total cannabinoid and active hemp phytochemical content. 

Purekana oils are extracted from organic and USA-grown hemp and made without the use of chemical solvents. The skillful harvesting method of the hemp plant contributes to the quality of the oil. Purekana oils are full-spectrum CBD produced in various strength and flavours ─ vanilla, mint, and citrus. Each 30ml container of Purekana oil may contain 300, 600, 1000, 2500, or 5000mg of CBD.

CBD Edibles

Provacan manufactures CBD edibles such as gummies and lozenges, whereas Purekana also produces gummies and other edibles such as oral spray, beverage enhancer, and honey sticks.

Provacan CBD gummies are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, with natural mixed fruit flavour and and offering an excellent taste. They come in two strengths. The 500mg CBD jar contains 50 gummies of 10mg CBD per gummy, while that of 100mg jar has ten gummies of 10mg CBD per gummy. 

Purekana gummies are designed to accompany your relaxation after a stressful day. These are one of the popular Purekana products, and like those of Provacan are vegan-friendly. They are made with other valuable natural ingredients such as pectin, organic cane sugar, organic grape juice concentrate, and organic tapioca syrup. For a 500mg CBD bottle, there are 20 gummies, each containing 25mg of CBD.

CBD Capsules

Provacan CBD capsules are full-spectrum CBD products specially made for users who may find the raw taste of oils offensive. A 17g net weight of Provacan CBD bottle contains 30 capsules and may have different amounts of CBD. The 180mg, 720mg, and 2880mg tablets have 6mg, 24mg and 96mg CBD per capsule.

Purekana CBD capsules have various active ingredients that adapt them for specific uses and desired results. The premium capsules which give 25mg CBD per serving are designed simply for the ingestion of CBD. The melatonin capsules (25mg CBD/serving) best accompany you during a period of resting and relaxation. The caffeine capsules (15mg CBD/serving) contain Purekana natural energy blend designed to provide you with an energy boost when you desire it most. 

CBD capsules offer a convenient means of consuming CBD. In addition to other benefits, it also helps in determining the appropriate dosage for those who struggle to estimate how much CBD they should be taking.

CBD Topicals

Provacan topicals include balms, massage oil, bath salts, lipid balm, blemish control gel, age control eye cream, sun cream, shampoo, after sun gel, and soft baby cream. While, Purekana topicals are ointments, muscle roll-on gel, cream, transdermal patches, lip balm, and body balm.

CBD Vape

Provacan produces pre-filled vape pods enhanced with terpenes made exclusively for vapers. Some are formulated for the evening and nighttime use, and some for morning and daytime use. Purekana vapes are made for focus and whole-body wellbeing, with mouthwatering flavours such as orange, blue raspberry, and mint flavours.

Distinctive Features of Provacan and Purekana CBD

Products are Tested By Third-party Lab: Provacan and Purekana market products with guaranteed total cannabinoid content. If you desire a certified standard CBD product, then go for either Provacan or Purekana CBD. All the cannabinoid contents of their products are validated by independent third-party testing and majority of the lab results are visible on the respective website too.

High Regard for Standard: Provacan and Purekana products are produced following stringent testing procedures, and from hemp grown according to topnotch cultivation standards. Provacan is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA). As a committed member of the CTA, all products must be produced and meet the strict regulatory guidelines of the CTA, Food Standard Agency and the British Veterinary Association.

Source of CBD: Provacan source their CBD from organically-certified European hemp farms, whereas Purekana CBD is extracted from high-class hemp grown and harvested in Kentucky. The hemp used by these brands are non-GMO and are grown naturally without the influence of chemicals such as herbicides and fertilizers. 

Affordability: You will definitely find cheaper products on the market. However, both these brands are premium and dont cut corners. These companies are driven by their desire to ensure CBD’s availability to all, irrespective of financial status. And so, with their products, you have an amazing blend of quality and affordability.

Excellent Reviews: Every company is able to present positive reviews from satisfied customers. However, search around and read genuine customers comments and youll see that the overall vast majority of customers from both brands are truly content and satisfied with the product and effects. 

We are happy to recommend both brands and the products they offer.

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